Customized Mentorship Program

Formation 360°

Lauan’s unique offering is its customized mentorship program. It is a system designed for one-on-one conversations with a dedicated mentor who is usually an upperclassman, a professor or a professional. It serves as a venue for personal coaching and advising in different areas and levels of their personal, spiritual, professional, and social life. Think of it as having your own Yoda or Gandalf.

The program is not something off-the-shelf but rather customized to one’s personality, needs and circumstances. Moreover, the mentorship system enables fellows in choosing which activities best fit their needs so they can maximize their stay in the center.


  • • Study Hacks Course
  • • Study Weekends
  • • Informal Tutorials

A priority in Lauan is to help university students achieve academic excellence. This is done by equipping them with skills and tools that can make them be more efficient and effective in their current areas of studies and prepare them for their future career. Among these tools are courses on study techniques, leadership, time management, and communication skills. Informal tutorial sessions with professors and upper classmen are also organized depending on the need.

College Edge is a skills-based program designed to give freshmen an edge as they begin their university life. It will cover topics and workshops on proven and effective techniques of top students. Participants receive hands-on training from experts and top-notch professors from various fields and top universities.


  • • Passion Project Series: get-togethers with top guns and game changers
  • • Speak Up! Public-speaking workshop
  • • Career talks and job application tips

Passion Project SeriesTM is a monthly event where fellows can have informative and inspiring conversations with top guns and game-changers from various fields – including entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, politicians, TV personalities, authors, and academics – in order to broaden one’s horizons and worldview.

Among the past guests were Sen. Bam Aquino (Youngest Senator, 17th Congress of the Phils.), Earl Valencia (President and Co-Founder, IdeaSpace), Albert Cuadrante (President, Greenwich), Nonie Buencamino (Professional Actor), Sandy Gilles (Financial Consultant, First Metro Securities) and Dr. Gabby Dy-Liacco (Psychologist, Ateneo).


  • • Personal mentoring, Virtues talk
  • • Leadership workshop-seminars
  • • Social Outreach: Workcamps, visits to the sick, catechism

Mentors at the center give regular virtues talks to fellows who are interested in developing their character. It covers nuggets of wisdom on the most fundamental life virtues, along with practical applications for day-to-day living.

Out-of-town leadership seminars are also held yearly. It is a venue for Lauan fellows to constantly develop their leadership skills, ask advice from experts and network with student leaders from other universities.


  • • Personal spiritual direction
  • • Basic course on Christian doctrine and apologetics
  • • Meditations, recollections and retreats

Lauan provides activities for fellows to review and take care of what we believe to be the most important concern of man – his soul.

There is a weekly meditation (a guided prayer by a priest) on Mondays at 6pm, a monthly recollection every 2nd Monday of the month at 5pm, and yearly retreats. Aside from these, the center also provides a basic course on Catholic theology, philosophy and apologetics designed for university students to deeply understand and explain the faith.

Lauan has a resident chaplain who is available for personal spiritual direction.


  • • National Youth Conferences & Univ International Congress
  • • Out-of-town excursions, monthly sports and Inter-center Cup
  • • Cookouts, musical get-togethers and movie nights

At Lauan, it is not all about work and study. We find time for play. The center promotes friendship through shared interests and a well-balanced life through productive rest and recreation. Excursions are organized almost every month to enjoy a weekend on top of a mountain, by the beach, along bike trails, inside museums and old towns, or just at the heart of a city to go on an urban excursion and food trip.

Basketball, football and tennis games, and as well as, strength and weight training, are among the regular sports and physical activities. There is also a yearly inter-center cup where fellows can play competitively with fellows from other university centers.

Cook-outs and grills, musical get-togethers and jamming sessions, presentations, and movie nights make up the monthly Saturday activities.