Excel further.

Lauan is a unique hub that enables young men to excel in all aspects of life and become future movers of society.

Who We Are

Lauan University Center

  Building youth's potential

Our number one cause.

Lauan aims to form students become well-rounded persons and men of character. By promoting an atmosphere of camaraderie, mutual support and friendship, it helps fellows excel further in the university, and in life.

  Our inspiration

Holiness through ordinary things.

Lauan was inspired by the teachings of St. Josemaria Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei – a Catholic institution whose core mission is to spread the message that everyone can seek holiness in the middle of the world, especially by doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well. The pastoral care of the center is entrusted to Opus Dei.

What We Do

Formation 360°


  • - Study Hacks Course
  • - Study Weekends
  • - Informal Tutorials


  • - Passion Project Series: get-togethers with top guns and game changers
  • - Speak Up! Public-speaking workshop
  • - Career talks and job application tips


  • - Personal mentoring, Virtues talk
  • - Leadership workshop-seminars
  • - Social Outreach: Workcamps, visits to the sick, catechism


  • - Personal spiritual direction
  • - Doctrine classes
  • - Meditations, recollections and retreats


  • - National Youth Conferences and University International Congress
  • - Out-of-town excursions and hikes
  • - Sports activities

Our Fellows

Driven, grounded, and focused

Our Alumni

Since 1970, Lauan has helped hundreds of topmale university students - most of whom are student leaders, athletes and scholars from Ateneo and UP.


Jaime Mendajar

Senior Vice President, HSBC

BS Management, Major in Legal Management (Minor in Marketing), ADMU, 2006
National Champion for the HSBC Young Entrepreneur Awards, 2006

“Lauan has always been a great place to meet some of the best people from Ateneo, and work together to develop a stronger character. Its programs, such as The Farm Camp, Young Executive Series, UNIV, and its regular professional get-togethers and spiritual talks were very formative and meaningful, enabling me to be better prepared as a young professional.”


Karl Villuga

International banker, ANZ, Singapore | Asia Pacific

BS Management minor in International Business, Cum Laude, ADMU, 2006
Master of Business Administration, INSEAD, 2013
Grand Prize Winner, Philippine Popular Music Festival, 2012

“To be the best person you can be- that's what Lauan has taught me. That means striving for perfection, in everything you do, every paper you write, every exam you prepare for, any friendship you want to nurture. Because that's what human life is all about. It's striving for God. And if it's not for that, you'd miss out in this lifetime.”


Paul Christopher Cheng

Associate Director for Academic Standards, PAREF Southridge School
Awarded Rookie of the Year and (twice) Teacher of the Year, PAREF Southridge School

AB Economics (Honors Program), Summa Cum Laude, ADMU, 2008
Master in Education major in Educational Administration, Ateneo, 2016

"Lauan helped me to grow as a person, not just spiritually, but in all the other aspects of university life. The center is a venue where I found true friends who helped bring out the best in me. Lauan's impact in my life extends even now to my professional career."


Menard Dacono

Team Lead, Bureau van Dijk, Singapore
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) - Executive Program, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-Newark, 2017

BS Business Management, ADMU, 2008
HSBC Young Entrepreneur Awards - Gold Prize, 2008

“Being surrounded by academically excellent, humble and God-fearing student leaders plus the formation activities provided by Lauan motivated me to hone my leadership and social skills. These skills have proven to be very useful in influencing and inspiring me in the workplace and in achieving my career and personal goals in life.”


James Clifford Santos

Juris Doctor student-Ateneo De Manila Law School
Part-time lecturer, Department of Economics, Loyola Schools

AB Economics, Magna Cum Laude, ADMU, 2015
Program Awardee for Economics
Best Thesis

“Lauan played a very big role in forming me as a person. It greatly supplemented the Jesuit formation that I had been receiving as a college student, through its diverse and holistic activities. It is the home where I have met people whom I still treasure until now such as my spiritual director, my college mentor and many other friends. Most importantly, Lauan helped me develop my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It has helped me turn my daily activities into prayers- as offerings to the Lord. Without any doubt, my college life would have been very different without the center.”


A place you can call home

Study room

Lauan has a dedicated air-conditioned study room with a varied collection of books and references, individual laptop stations and a reliable WIFI connection. It is open from 9:00am-7:30pm daily and can extend during exams season.

Discussion and chat rooms

These rooms are used for small group discussions, brainstorming sessions, talks and mentoring sessions.

Computer room

The computer room has 3 desktop computers with printers. It may also serve as an additional area of study and an area for recreational computer use.

Living room

Talks, get-togethers and films are all held in the living room. Equipped with sofas and a projector system, this room is a great place for talks, workshops or just casual conversations with other students of the center. 


The oratory is a place for prayer and worship. Holy mass, meditation and benediction are held here.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of Lauan?

There’s no membership application needed to avail of Lauan’s service and facilities.  Lauan is not like a school organization where you submit an application form to join. Students come here to attend any of the formative activities of the center because they want to. They see the importance of these formative activities, and so they make time to attend them.

There are some students who come here but do not attend any of the organized activities. They come simply to chat with someone from the staff or study or go to confession or pray in the chapel.

Does the center charge fees?

Students are not normally charged fees for most activities. Neither do students pay for the use of the facilities except for some items like printing.

But yes, students pay when they join special activities like excursions, cookouts, out-of-town seminars, retreats and some special courses. The budget of the center does not cover these activities.

If Lauan does not charge any fees from the students, how does it support itself financially?

Lauan is owned by the Philippine Foundation for Cultural and Educational Development, an NGO dedicated to the promotion of academic excellence, professional proficiency and social responsibility.  Philippine foundation gets financial assistance from generous donors who appreciate its work.

Voluntary donations are very much appreciated but never required. Some also help out in doing some tasks related to the repair and maintenance of the center or assist in the activities through marketing materials development, program organization, etc.

Aside from voluntary donations, students also assist Lauan in its financial needs, if they want, by helping out in occasional fund raising projects of the center.

Why is it only for guys?

The formation given by Lauan is gender-specific.  Training young men requires a different approach from training girls, especially when it comes to forming them in virtues, character, their future role as fathers, etc.

Many years of experience have proven this set up to be very effective in forming students in the university centers (like Lauan) in the Philippines and other countries.

Female students who wish to receive the same formation that Lauan gives are referred to another center for girls.

Can non-Catholics come here?

Although part of Lauan’s program is spiritual formation for Catholics, non-Catholics may also avail of some activities for spiritual development if they are interested.

Take note that there are many activities in the center that cater to all regardless of religion or beliefs. You need not be a Catholic to join the monthly cookouts, out-of-town trips, cultural activities, leadership programs or use the center’s facilities.

What is Opus Dei and how is it related to Lauan?

Opus Dei is a Catholic institution whose core mission is to spread the message that everyone can seek holiness in the middle of the world, especially by doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well. The spiritual formation of the center is entrusted to priests and faithful of Opus Dei.

You may visit www.opusdei.org, for more information.

Contact Us

Address: 111 B. Gonzales St. Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Tel No: 928-5012

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